New Tag Team Champion Contenders

On Underground this past week Richard Garcia talked to the audience in attendance and watching at home about losing the World Championship to Jamie O'Hara at Seven Deadly Sins. Dean James came out and suggested they should chase after the Tag Team Championships in which Richard Garcia agreed. Will Lucifer Creed accept their challenge?

Stitches Is Coming

This week on Underground a vignette played signalling the debut of the clown we have spotted lurking around the arena in recent months. According to the video that played he will be making his debut on the 10-29-12 Underground show.

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Kings Of Wrestling First Round
Vespertine vs. Joey McArthur

Kings Of Wrestling First Round
Shaker Jones vs. Boris Neshkabov

Kings Of Wrestling First Round 
Lucifer Creed vs. Jeff Turner

Kings Of Wrestling First Round 
Riley McManus vs. Dean James

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World Championship
Jamie O'Hara (c) vs. Anthony Hawk

Kings Of Wrestling Final
??? vs. ???

Tag Team Championships
Lucifer Creed and ??? (c) vs. Reign Of Fire (Dean James and Richard Garcia) 

Kings Of Wrestling Semi Final
??? vs. ???

Kings Of Wrestling Semi Final
??? vs. ???

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September 2012

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"It’s been several months now since Clair had been thrust into my life and the strength and discipline I had to not drive a fork into her eye surprised me."

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